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Ciao bring on The330

by Jane on January 29, 2011 · 512 comments

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To all my See Jane Style readers this shall be  the last entry on, but wipe those sad tears away, because I am not going far… is where you will be able to read all of my fashion rants, advice, and whatever else, just click on “Fashion Mojito” and ready yourself the best style tid-bits in town.  Be sure to tune in so that you can assure you get the skinny on all that’s fashion in the 330.

But before you imbibe on’s fashion mojito let’s drink up the last sips of See Jane Style and dish on what’s hot to wear now that the temps are bitter and the winter is officially settling in.  While many of you may dash straight to the chunky sweater past your favorite sleeveless or strapless dress I urge you to reconsider.  Now is not the time to ignore your spring/summer faves, but instead to re-invent them for the change of season.  So, throw on your favorite black or brightly hued frock and layer it over a black skin-tight turtle neck or crew-neck long-sleeved number…. pull on either textured tights (keep the color black to avoid a confused look), black burly legwarmers, booties, and finish it all off with either a shrunken black blazer or leather jacket… OR if you have a long black button down cardi that matches the length of the frock finish your lovely ensemble with that.  For extra warmth and style allure top yourself with a black wool knit beanie and of course some lobe dangling sparklers.  OR if you don’t feel like adding the turtle just don your dainty flimsy-material dress under a fluffy de-rigour leopard coat just like this lassie right.

Tired of your leggings, jeans, or other trousers?  Skip the pants and grab a pair of shorts.  Now please don’t miss read this I am not talking Abercrombie rugged khakis or roughed up denim cutoffs, but instead possibly that really cute pair of black lace or military-inspired shorties you bought on a whim (on sale) at the end of the season.  Perhaps once spring rolls around you may loose your nerve to don these cuties with your bare sun-longing gams so take advantage of wearing them now with tights.  I am loving black leather shorts these days especially when paired with opaque tights and a huge oversized chunky sweater that offsets the small bottom-half proportion.  Finish your look with a thick-soled platform pump or sandal, a masculine timepiece on your wrist and a shoulder sweeping earring.


The Long Story

by Jane on November 28, 2010 · 1 comment

in Fashion Mojito

Well, I did it again my friends!  It seems when I go through a closet purging spree I inadvertantly give away “Just” the right thing.  So what was it this time that has has me steaming mad?!  My long skirts.  Yep folks, I made the wrong decision when I tore my maxi skirt from the hanger and tossed it haphazardly into my “going to goodwill” bag simply because the maxi is the “it” piece of the moment.  Fashionistas left and right are donning these floor sweepers with basic tees and

shrunken moto-style jackets and rugged boots and they are all looking divine!  So how to do the look right?  Keep the proportions in tact.  Never don a long flowy skirt with a boxy floppy shirt.  Instead, tug on a slim-fitted turtleneck, tee, or tank and layer a cropped leather or wool jacket over.  Tie the look together with a wide belt at the waist and a thick chunky scarf around your neck.  Avoid wearing a swashbuckling belt slung low on the hips which will totally date your look and look more “southwest” than suave.

Where to wear?  Throw on this prefectly posh number for day or night… You’ll be more evening appropriate with a heeled shoe while daytime calls for a flat.

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Burr…Bundle up in a Scarf

by Jane on November 20, 2010 · 0 comments

in Fashion Mojito

Finding it harder to get dressed in the morning when you know the chill outside awaits?  Or perhaps the cold weather just makes you want to snuggle under the sheets a bit longer which leaves minimal time to put together a swank ensemble… Whatever the reason, help make your mono-chromatic all black uniform a stand-out by adding a scarf.  A burst of color, metallic, or a funky print will add definite life to an otherwise blah all-black look and is an easy add-on.

The trick of course is to swaddle the scarf just right about your neck.  First make sure that the scarf you sele

ct is HUGE.  The bigger the better (and remember you can use it as a shawl for other occassions).  One of my favorite (and easiest) ways to wear your scarf is to fold it into a large traingle with the fringe running down the front.  Next tie both ends behind your neck – TA-da!  Done.  Another easy breezy way to don your new favorite accessory is to bunch up the scarf in a messy “loop”.  Bring the whole scarf around your neck and take the loose end and loop it through the open hole (as shown right).  Lastly, just messily wrap the scarf round and round and fuss with it until it looks just the right amount of messy/neat.  The trick is to just play with it until you get it to look as you like.  The more “undone” it looks, the better.


Dress Codes

by Jane on November 13, 2010 · 0 comments

in Fashion Mojito

Ah, the holidays are upon us again!  The invitations for this soiree or that should begin streaming in within the coming weeks which will prompt us all to take a good hard look at our wardrobes to determine what’s “Just right” for the occassion.  I am a regular ranter about the ultra-casual sect of people that I seem to not be able to avoid.  It doesn’t matter if I am cocktailing or beer guzzling seems like everyone only has the patience for denim.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I like my slashed up trendy jeans paired with primed up pieces every now and again BUT when I am attending a cocktail fete for the holidays I tend to glitz it up a bit more with shocks of sparkle and a lotta ooh la la!    So how to play up the season’s trends AND support the dress code… READ ON.

Holiday Cocktail Party (no dress code specified on invite)- My favorite!  This is a great venue to sport something spunky, fresh, and holiday-ish.  Lace is super luxe not to mention ultra lovely and would be a pretty little thing to don for such an event.  Try a pretty lace frock paired with a wide festive belt at the waist for added fun.  H&M has fabulous oversized pouffy bow belts right now that are the perfect melange of cartoon and couture.  AND for a cheap $9 it’s a steal and a deal.  I plan to don my bow over my favorite outwear too.  Finish the lacey look with a beautiful black platform pump and thick opaque tights.

Holiday cocktail party (invite specifically states casual).  In this instance a lace or sequins dress might be a bit over the top and would most likely drown out the hostesses attire (which is a no-no).  A tid bit of dazzle is ok though … I am totally digging this season’s fabulous sequins blazers that are conservatively fabulous.  Pair your silver or black zingy jacket with a pair of fabulous leather leggings or a simple black harem pant.  Underneath it all throw on a loose black sik tank and finish with a cocktail ring.  86 additional earrings, bracelets, and necklaces as they will compete with the main attraction.


The Beautiful Men

by Jane on September 26, 2010 · 1 comment

in Fashion Mojito

I had an interesting experience this week that has continued to penetrate my thoughts up until today.  Monday afternoon, needing a desperate caffeine jolt and taking a bit of time away from the old office I stopped in to Starbucks where I noticed a black stretch limo parked out front.  of course I immediately had to wonder who the “Important” person(s) was who was getting chauffered to the buck on a Monday ‘noon and upon entering the joint there was absolutely no doubt in my mind who it was… A flock of immpeccably dressed gentleman who also were jazzed for a bit

Burn These

o java.  Now, when I tell you that these men were IMPECCABLY dressed I


 mean to the nines.  I instantly knew that these gents couldn’t possibly be Akron-ites because quite honestly I have never seen any men in this town dressed as divinely as they were all clad  -well, my husband does look quite handsome when done up to go out for a big time soiree… but I digress).  So, what where they wearing that made them such standouts?  First off they kept everything simple their shirts were either crisp white or tried annd true blue  – no trace of burgundy, mustard, hunter green, or some other enbolded hue that sickens my stomach. 


Second their jackets, and slacks were tailored to a tee.  Men, take note, an ill-fitted suit, no matter the price tag is a disaster in the making.  Find a great tailor and you are already on your way to super styldom.  Third, the men also had incredibly lovely shoes on as well.  For those of you familiar with my rants and raves shoes are a window into the soul for me.  The shoe selected by the wearer is a big indicator of whether or not a person has innate taste or if they are a dud.  So dudes, listen up!  Square toe shoes are OUT.  They are clunk-central and showcase utter un-sophistication.

On a final note, these gentlemen DID have suits on that were quite expensive… I didn’t even have to ask them to show me the label to know that a Mr. Armani had a hand in creating such beautiful sihlouettes on a work-laden Akron Monday.  How to tell?  The fabrics had a lovely silken luster and the stitching was of Saville Lane stature.  Trust me folks, these get-ups weren’t from the five and dime.  BUT, I am a huge proponent of faking it til you make it.  You needn’t spend an arm and a leg on “suitable” fashions.  The recipe for success is simple – find a tailor, stick to the classics, and burn your clunky shoes – ta-da!  You’re limo ready.

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Making It Up

by Jane on September 3, 2010 · 0 comments

in Fashion Mojito

Where are you off to on this lovely long holiday weekend?  Today’s gloomy start certainly isn’t getting in the way of the beautiful afternoon  – so make some plans, throw on some sweet threads and have some fun.  While it’s fun to get dressed and ready for the weekend sometimes it’s even more fun to play with hair and make-up to create completely different looks.

Friday:  Go a little MOD with your look and heavily rim your top and bottom lashes with black liquid liner — It will give you a more defined/less smokey look.  On the top lash line extend the line to the outer corner and flick it up so that it resembles a “cat eye”.  Go very matte with your foundation just added a dusting of neutral blush on the apples and finish with an ultra matte nude lip — Super sophisticated and dramatic.  Pair your lovely look with a geometric black and white print top or dress and hair in a sleek high pony.

Saturday: Instead of highlighting the eyes make a big impact with deep vampy/berry lips.  First define your eyebrow with a matching pencil so that they are more prominent, next sweep a pretty peachy/shimmy across the lids, curl your lashes, and load up on the mascara.  Slick on some foundation and apply a pretty iridescent highlighter over the cheekbones, in the bow of the lips and in the corners of your eyes and dust a pretty flushed pink on the cheeks.  Last but certainly not least, line your lips with a deep shade of berry and fill in with the perfect purple-escent plumping gloss.  I LOVE MACS “Ban This” sparkly in your face lip lacquer  that is super pigmented and looks awesome at night.

Sunday: Be pretty and go for one final sun-kissed day look.  Dust your face with a nice matte bronzer to start, then find a gold and glimmery highlighter to do up the cheekbones.  Paint your eyes with a pretty deep gold all over the lid and a deep gold/brown in the crease.  Line with brown liners on the top and bottom lashes and smudge the bottom line to make it a bit smoky.  Lips should be glossy and glimmery choose a peach shade with gold specks for a pretty pout.


Fashion Police?

by Jane on September 1, 2010 · 8 comments

in Fashion Mojito

While I DID give Kelly Osborne props yesterday for her lovely ensemble at the Emmys I am a bit disgruntled that this gal is now on the E News Fashion Police panel with three other amigos

.  Is it just me, or is Kelly Osbourne typically known for ill-fitting poor clothing choices?  While this gal is coming into her own I would hardly go to her for style advice nor would I consider her a purveyor of fashion.  I was especially appalled last evening when she proclaimed that Rita Wilson, who looked one hundred and ten percent horrible at the Emmys was sporting awesome shoes.  Any one with any ounce of taste would most likely agree that Rita’s shoe choice was horrifying that that her chandelier style dress should be incinerated immediately. What are your thoughts??


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

by Jane on August 31, 2010 · 0 comments

in Fashion Mojito

Who knew the Emmy’s were this past weekend?  It just doesn’t seem plausible that it is already awards season!  While the prolific acceptance speeches are always what get me to tune in, the fashion is typically hard to beat – whether its good, so-so, or downright hideous.  So who hit the mark and who totally stunk…. For the most part the fashions on every bella were a bit ho-hum, HOWEVER in the midst of the typical strapless column gowns, there were a select few who tried to go a bit outside the proverbial box and upped the ante in dresses that were a little less “expected”.  One of those lovely ladies is January Jones who rocked out an electric blue Versace number that featured a shorter hem  in the front and fanned out into a beautiful mermaid tail in the back.  Her dress was truly a “wow” but her hair and make-up could have used a bit of a boost.  String-y strands just don’t seem to stand up quite right to such a gorgeous gown.

On the other end of the spectrum we had a risk-taker who shouldn’t have gambled.  Fiery headed Christina Hendricks was gussied up in  lavender Zac Posen trimmed in ostrich feathers that simply didn’t compliment her ample figure.  The color washed her out, and the “too-many-details” and fancied up sihlouette did NOTHING for her.  This Victorian-esque inspired number is best left to the lithe super model whose height and bones will show off its

intricacies.  Definitely a tough look to pull off.

BLACK BEAUTY:I am sad to say that the majority of my favorites this year are basic black.  While I love a dash of color on the red carpet this year’s looks that sizzled tended on the more inky side with beautiful fishtail trains and tony tone-on-tone embellishment.  Eva Longoria Parker was ravishing in Robert Rodriguez, while Kelly Osborne rocked it out in a beautiful look by Tony Ward.  I can’t say enough good things about Kelly’s look – she so perfectly accented her strong points and chose a dress with an interesting neckline that was UBER-flattering for her.  While I don’t think Paula Abdul wins the award for “Best Dressed” she does get the “most improved” award.   Typically Paula’s style choices are a bit tacky and over-the-top but in this particular case she choose something ever-so-tasteful and downright lovely.  Let’s encourage more of this behavior!  Who was blah black?  Kate Goselin… (And why the heck was she there anyway?)  The Mom who is famous because she has  8 and who recently tippy-toed on the Dancing with the Stars and of course continues her reality show sans Jon showed up in a dowdy drippy number complete with a cowl neckline and run-of -the-mill skirt.  BORING – Someone please get the hook.


HORRIFYING:My oh my!  Sofia Vergara looked more like a pageant princess than an actress attending the grandEmmys.  Ms. Vergara turned up in a buttercup yellow number bedazzled with sequins by the honorable Carolina Herrera.  Hererra, who typically creates divine designs that are utterly classic missed the mark with this Miss. Sunshine look that definitely looks a bit cheap and absolutely un-polished. 

Another cheapie on the scene was Naya Rivera whose hair alone with worthy of a style misdemeanor.  Who can stand this teal cupcake-like skirt with inappropriate higher than high slit?  Beyond the fluff and the balloon shaped chignon the make-up was clown-like as well.  Note to all readers, never do caked on make-up, with a dramatic hair style, with a frou-frou dress.  Pick ONE item to highlight and do-it-up. 

Mindy Kaling had a case of the “too muches” as well.  While the dress on it’s own it architecturally interesting and no doubt well-made, I feel it better suited for a gal with a little more height.  The peek-a-boo tulle, big full skirt, and asymmetrical cut leave us only able to eye the dress and not the girl beneath.  This frock is clearly over powering and hits her in a very unflattering point on her leg making them appear larger than they probably are. AND, in the case of Rivera, Kaling’s hair is in one word “Ghastly”.  This lovely girl is quite pretty but very poorly styled.  Who knew that bad prom ‘dos would be making so many appearances on the red carpet?!


Fashion, Food, Fitness Take 3

by Jane on August 27, 2010 · 0 comments

in Fashion Mojito

It’s Friday night and you don’t have any plans, but you want to throw on something exciting and look gorge and go somewhere cool and delish to make it all worth it.

We are getting a tinge of a chill in the evenings these days, so it might be kinda fun to throw on one of your favorite new moto jackets over your stunningly simple look beneath.  Throw on a pair of lovely jeggings this weekend (for those of you not in the know they are jean/legging combos that feature no zipper which means yes, ladies you must pull these babies on with all of your might.  Once the second skin denim are in place toss on a pretty top with gold embellishment that falls just below the bum line and then of course top it all off with a slim fitting black leather jacket with a stand up collar OR if you’re not feeling the leather your new military jacket will look fab-o with the gold beneath!  Toss on a pair of gold disk earrings and some low slouchy boots.  OOh-la-la!

Where to go?  Hit up some where casi-cool and try Bar Cento in Ohio City.  This place serves up the best fries in town – fried in too-good-to-be true duck fat, garlic, and rosemary.  These thickly cut bad boys are served alongside some delish aolis spiked with garlic, curry, and hot peppers.  But don’t just stop there try something different and go for the sunnyside pizza topped with pancetta, fried eggs, and provolone – What a feast!  If you still have room, dessert it a must here as there is an awesome pastry chef on staff who whips up amazing treats like: Lemon bread pudding, plum and almond tart, and peach and plum cobbler. 

Obviously all of those yummies above are not of the lo-cal variety.  Before heading out to such a calorie-laden meal do a marathon cardio session.  My recommendation is a 60 minute spin class that can scorch up to 600 calories.  Ride on!



by Jane on August 25, 2010 · 0 comments

in Fashion Mojito

How did we go from hot-hot 90’s to whispy 70’s in a matter of a day?  My spaghetti strapped whatevers and shorts are still in the front of my closet making it difficult for me to remember what’s it is like to have to reach for a jacket or sweater.  The first few days of cooler weather are always a bit bitter sweet… While I love the change-up, sometimes it takes a week or so to get completely “INTO” layering and mixing up new looks for the season.  My oufit today, in fact is a case in point that I am a bit discombobulated – leggings, denim jacket, boyfriend shirt, neutral platforms, over sized hoot-hoot pendant.  Sounds OK, but trust me – I am a mess…. But I digress.  Let’s dish about how to make you look hot in the chill…

Update your pants by investing in this season’s loose harem look.  Pair with a loose tank and keep it tucked under your favorite new military jacket.

Keep your leggings from last year, but add a kick by investing in a pair with leatherette details on the side — A-la-equestrian.

Booties are still hot for Fall but add over-the-knee boots for a change of pace.  Pair with second skin skinny denim and leggings.

Never EVER get rid of your shrunken moto-style leather jacket.  This is a MUST have that will never die and is perpetually chic.

Still love your maxi dress from Spring and summer?  Don’t miss it for fall… Don some thick tights beneath your frock and finish with round-toe boots — The more rugged the better.  NEXT layer up with a denim jacket.  Darker hues are more versatile and timeless.



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