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The Beautiful Men

by Jane on September 26, 2010 · 1 comment

in Fashion Mojito

I had an interesting experience this week that has continued to penetrate my thoughts up until today.  Monday afternoon, needing a desperate caffeine jolt and taking a bit of time away from the old office I stopped in to Starbucks where I noticed a black stretch limo parked out front.  of course I immediately had to wonder who the “Important” person(s) was who was getting chauffered to the buck on a Monday ‘noon and upon entering the joint there was absolutely no doubt in my mind who it was… A flock of immpeccably dressed gentleman who also were jazzed for a bit

Burn These

o java.  Now, when I tell you that these men were IMPECCABLY dressed I


 mean to the nines.  I instantly knew that these gents couldn’t possibly be Akron-ites because quite honestly I have never seen any men in this town dressed as divinely as they were all clad  -well, my husband does look quite handsome when done up to go out for a big time soiree… but I digress).  So, what where they wearing that made them such standouts?  First off they kept everything simple their shirts were either crisp white or tried annd true blue  – no trace of burgundy, mustard, hunter green, or some other enbolded hue that sickens my stomach. 


Second their jackets, and slacks were tailored to a tee.  Men, take note, an ill-fitted suit, no matter the price tag is a disaster in the making.  Find a great tailor and you are already on your way to super styldom.  Third, the men also had incredibly lovely shoes on as well.  For those of you familiar with my rants and raves shoes are a window into the soul for me.  The shoe selected by the wearer is a big indicator of whether or not a person has innate taste or if they are a dud.  So dudes, listen up!  Square toe shoes are OUT.  They are clunk-central and showcase utter un-sophistication.

On a final note, these gentlemen DID have suits on that were quite expensive… I didn’t even have to ask them to show me the label to know that a Mr. Armani had a hand in creating such beautiful sihlouettes on a work-laden Akron Monday.  How to tell?  The fabrics had a lovely silken luster and the stitching was of Saville Lane stature.  Trust me folks, these get-ups weren’t from the five and dime.  BUT, I am a huge proponent of faking it til you make it.  You needn’t spend an arm and a leg on “suitable” fashions.  The recipe for success is simple – find a tailor, stick to the classics, and burn your clunky shoes – ta-da!  You’re limo ready.

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Penn Mason October 13, 2010 at 8:26 pm

Shoes. I love shoes and I want the ones in the picture. I have the perfect suit! Great article.

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