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Burr…Bundle up in a Scarf

by Jane on November 20, 2010 · 0 comments

in Fashion Mojito

Finding it harder to get dressed in the morning when you know the chill outside awaits?  Or perhaps the cold weather just makes you want to snuggle under the sheets a bit longer which leaves minimal time to put together a swank ensemble… Whatever the reason, help make your mono-chromatic all black uniform a stand-out by adding a scarf.  A burst of color, metallic, or a funky print will add definite life to an otherwise blah all-black look and is an easy add-on.

The trick of course is to swaddle the scarf just right about your neck.  First make sure that the scarf you sele

ct is HUGE.  The bigger the better (and remember you can use it as a shawl for other occassions).  One of my favorite (and easiest) ways to wear your scarf is to fold it into a large traingle with the fringe running down the front.  Next tie both ends behind your neck – TA-da!  Done.  Another easy breezy way to don your new favorite accessory is to bunch up the scarf in a messy “loop”.  Bring the whole scarf around your neck and take the loose end and loop it through the open hole (as shown right).  Lastly, just messily wrap the scarf round and round and fuss with it until it looks just the right amount of messy/neat.  The trick is to just play with it until you get it to look as you like.  The more “undone” it looks, the better.

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