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Fashion Mojito

The Long Story

November 28, 2010

Well, I did it again my friends!  It seems when I go through a closet purging spree I inadvertantly give away “Just” the right thing.  So what was it this time that has has me steaming mad?!  My long skirts.  Yep folks, I made the wrong decision when I tore my maxi skirt from the […]

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Burr…Bundle up in a Scarf

November 20, 2010

Finding it harder to get dressed in the morning when you know the chill outside awaits?  Or perhaps the cold weather just makes you want to snuggle under the sheets a bit longer which leaves minimal time to put together a swank ensemble… Whatever the reason, help make your mono-chromatic all black uniform a stand-out […]

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Dress Codes

November 13, 2010

Ah, the holidays are upon us again!  The invitations for this soiree or that should begin streaming in within the coming weeks which will prompt us all to take a good hard look at our wardrobes to determine what’s “Just right” for the occassion.  I am a regular ranter about the ultra-casual sect of people that […]

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The Beautiful Men

September 26, 2010

I had an interesting experience this week that has continued to penetrate my thoughts up until today.  Monday afternoon, needing a desperate caffeine jolt and taking a bit of time away from the old office I stopped in to Starbucks where I noticed a black stretch limo parked out front.  of course I immediately had […]

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Making It Up

September 3, 2010

Where are you off to on this lovely long holiday weekend?  Today’s gloomy start certainly isn’t getting in the way of the beautiful afternoon  – so make some plans, throw on some sweet threads and have some fun.  While it’s fun to get dressed and ready for the weekend sometimes it’s even more fun to […]

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Fashion Police?

September 1, 2010

While I DID give Kelly Osborne props yesterday for her lovely ensemble at the Emmys I am a bit disgruntled that this gal is now on the E News Fashion Police panel with three other amigos 0829-rita-wilson-getty-credit .  Is it just me, or is Kelly Osbourne typically known for ill-fitting poor clothing choices?  While this […]

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

August 31, 2010

Who knew the Emmy’s were this past weekend?  It just doesn’t seem plausible that it is already awards season!  While the prolific acceptance speeches are always what get me to tune in, the fashion is typically hard to beat – whether its good, so-so, or downright hideous.  So who hit the mark and who totally […]

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Fashion, Food, Fitness Take 3

August 27, 2010

It’s Friday night and you don’t have any plans, but you want to throw on something exciting and look gorge and go somewhere cool and delish to make it all worth it. We are getting a tinge of a chill in the evenings these days, so it might be kinda fun to throw on one […]

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August 25, 2010

How did we go from hot-hot 90’s to whispy 70’s in a matter of a day?  My spaghetti strapped whatevers and shorts are still in the front of my closet making it difficult for me to remember what’s it is like to have to reach for a jacket or sweater.  The first few days of cooler […]

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Getting Pretty

August 24, 2010

Those of us who make pilgrimages up to the Cleveland area simply to get a Sephora fix will have to do so no longer!  No, sorry ladies we aren’t getting a Sephora in the neighborhood – but a something just as nice – ULTA.  Yes my dear make-up lovin’ friends Fairlawn Plaza in Montrose is […]

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