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Getting Pretty

by Jane on August 24, 2010 · 2 comments

in Fashion Mojito

Those of us who make pilgrimages up to the Cleveland area simply to get a Sephora fix will have to do so no longer!  No, sorry ladies we aren’t getting a Sephora in the neighborhood – but a something just as nice – ULTA.  Yes my dear make-up lovin’ friends Fairlawn Plaza in Montrose is opening up this cosmetics superstore that will sell hot must-have lipsticks, blushes, eye shadow, fragrance, etc by the likes of: Urban Decay,  Bare Minerals, Smashbox, and many many more.  This wonderful place also stocks oodles of lovely hair care products and styling tools to boot.

So, what’s hot for hair and make-up for this upcoming Fall season?  For hair it’s all about volume so pump up your strands with a volumizing mousse!  For extra lift blow dry your hair upside down and style your bouffant by teasing your hair at the crown then smoothing back.  Your pouffed up coif will get extra mileage with a generous spritz of hair spray try grocery store brand L’Oreal Elnett super strength – it perfectly holds tresses in shape and then brushes out easily with no icky flakes later.  LOVE IT.

How about make-up?  It always seems as though berry lip stains are the it lip look for fall.  Try it yourself with a deep vampy berry lightly patted over the lips… Next blot with a tissue.  The rest of the face should be fairly bare.  Add a bit of blush to warm up the cheeks, a dab of mascara, and a pinch of shimmery highligher on the cheekbones.  ooh-la-la!  Looking for the perfect berry?  I love “REBEL” by MAC.  What a perfect deep wine shade for the gorgeous days ahead.


Fashion, Food, Fitness ROUND II

by Jane on August 20, 2010 · 2 comments

in Fashion Mojito

While I haven’t gotten extensive feedback on the like or dismay of this particular post’s theme – I happen to like it a lot so thought I would go for round two.   If you are searching for somewhere to wear something fabulous this weekend, perhaps this little ditty will provide a bit of inspiration — Or if anything a new exercise move to add to your bag of tricks.

gold disks

THE OUTFIT:We are facing another warm weekend, so rejoice, you can wear something utterly “summer” this weekend and feel lovely, not to mention look smokin’.  Drape-y easy looks are what make me tick on this pretty afternoon.  I for one, relish the idea of throwing on a pretty flowy caftan/tunic that subtly hangs off the shoulder or drapes easily around the body.  Pair this big time sexy top with some skin tight jeggings or basic black leggings (in order to balance everything out), perforated  platforms (that will be fab for fall too), and a retro-earring.  Maybe you don’t like the black bra showing beneath?  For a more conservative approach wear a flesh toned cami beneath that falls and hugs your hips… No one will see a thing!

STEP OUT:Where to don this fresh sexy-casual-not-trying-to0-hard look?  Head to independently owned Flying Fig restaurant in Ohio City.  This creative neighborhood is a great summer place to visit with lots of people out and about enjoying a unique Cleveland area chock full of yummy eateries and delightful bars.  Before heading to the “Fig” trot on over to the Parisian-style Market Avenue Wine Barlocated next door and enjoy a sip of one of the 100’s of wines offered by the glass, then hop over to FF and try to nab a mini table outside so that you can enjoy the soft breeze and of course the people watching.  The menu at Flying Fig is abbreviated, but not short on taste!  I recommend one of the flatbreads to start, the seared scallops, and the gnocchi- and don’t worry portions are small so you are sure not to wreck your fashionable figure!  Don’t forget dessert – the lava cake is to die for paired with fig ice cream.  Reservations are recommended since this tiny jewel box tends to fill right up.  Call 216.241.4243.  Flying Fig – 2523 Market Ave; Cleveland, OH

THE MOVE:Pretty shoulders are important for this look, so be sure that you are doing your best double shoulder raises before you head out… This is a tough move when doing multiple reps so even if you are a seasoned “work outer” you will want to start with 5 lbs.  Begin with one 5 lb. weight in each hand arms at sides, palms facing in.  Slowly lift arms out to sides to shoulder height (palms facing down) then, keeping arms at shoulder height and extended, bring arms together in front of your chest, then and lower to front of thighs palms facing thighs.  Next do the move in the opposite direction- both arms together extend out in front to shoulder height (in front of chest), move arms back out to side (again holding at the same height) then back down to starting position.  That is “ONE” rep.  Essentially the move is like making an imaginary “T” with the arms.  Repeat 25 times and have fun.


Totally “Me” Totally NOT

by Jane on August 18, 2010 · 2 comments

in Fashion Mojito

There is nothing better than gaining inspiration from a well-dressed lovely on the streets!  Typically the eye-catching nature/appeal of a fashionable person is his or her knack for putting items together that you may already have, in a different way than you may have thought previously acceptable.  I am in love with street style websites, in particular, that features super stylish ladies, gents, and otherwise doing their most serious “Zoolander” while donning a chic look.  Many of the styles are right up my alley, while other simply are not. 

Any one who knows me, would most likely agree that look #1 epitomizes my style.  We’ve got the femme, intricately lovely lace top with ruffle neck detail and flounce sleeve, paired with micro scuffed up

shorts which perfectly offsets the sickeningly pretty top, finished with a massive satchel and of course hippie sandals.  This look is done right from head to toe.  Pairing fussy with beat-up is visually captivating and keeps the look from being overdone.  Steal this Milanese gal’s look yourself and pull on your favorite frayed up jean shorts (the ones pictured right are from Urban Outfitters – $28) with a ruffle strewn or or lace top (The top featured left is from Charlotte Russe – $20).  Shoes MUST be flat, you will DESTROY with easiness of thise masterpiece by donning spikey heels.  Remember it’s all about balance. Ssexy short shorts shouldn’t be paired with sexy high heels,
but instead with beatnick inspired androgynous super flats (Visit Old Navy for the pair left and nab them for a sweet $12.99).

Look #2 is another “See Jane Style” fave.  The best part about this one is that everything that this doll is wearing should be a MUST have piece in every woman’s wardrobe.  What else is great? The proportions are perfection. The oversized boyfriend shirt works wonders with the skinny sihlouette of the leather leggings, and the psuedo chunky netural toned heels balances everything out.   Let’s dissect the look even further – We are working with all neutrals – black, white, and taupe which can all be seamlessly worn together.  There has also been a bit of interest added with the wide leather band worn across the forehead making this not your average oxford and legging combination.  What else works?  The quilted Marc Jacobs handbag of course – a super classic that is modern with it’s thick gold link chain but classy in that it is conservatively quilted. 

How to ruin this look?  Pointy toe pumps are a sure way, as would be to-the-knee boots.  A too-small white blouse that  hugs every inch is another disaster in the making as would be a top that isn’t quite long enough or is TOO long.  You want to stick with a length that swings just below where the bum meets the upper leg – LOVELY.  Want a boyfriend shirt yourself?  Run to H&M.  I just picked up a beauty for a mere $19.50 that I plan to wear with leggings, jeans, bandage skirts, shorts, and even over dresses all season/year long.  A great piece at a great price.

Look #3 is NOT a “See Jane Style” fantasy maker.  Oh no my friends – NOT AT ALL.   I think this girl is trying a bit too hard to be the punky, thrift store diving diva.   The overall look is dirty and unkempt.  I hate the sloppy, open, sleeveless chambray top worn over faded floral print short-short shorts and then finished with hobo/cowboy ankle boots that appear scraggly and over-worn.  And let’s not leave out that hat.  These Charlie Chaplin toppers have been quite popular lately and are styled a-la 80’s with it worn toward the back of the head.  I just bottom line hate these hats with a passion and find them to be utterly unflattering in every sense of the word.  How would I style this differently?  I would hold onto the white tank since that is a basic that can go miles but I would skip it with this look.  First things first, obviously the hat will have to go.  Next I would button up the shirt leaving the first 3-4 buttons undone, stand up the collar and tuck the tail into the shorts.  Next, I would add a cute pink (or black if it’s easier) girly bow belt woven through the loops and would shoe-it-up with a kitten-heel round-toe pink number.  Hair in a high pony and pretty pearl over-sized button earrings to finish.  Ta-DA!  It’s been “See Jane Styled”.

Let me know what you think?  Which of the ensembles pictured do you love or hate?  How would you style them differently?


The Store to Shop Now

by Jane on August 17, 2010 · 0 comments

in Fashion Mojito

I have my ups and my downs with Express.  Right now I am on the upswing and really like several of the items in the store – most specifically the outerwear, that is stylish, chic, and affordable — three words that I love to use!

At the current time this lovely retailer has put several top shelf items on special too (think 40% off on special coupon days), which is even better for those of us who are excited to stock up on some great jackets and coats for the season to come.  Remember dear readers, it’s best to stock up on jackets rather than frilly tops, trendy bottoms, or dresses because it is the first thing everyone will see, and in the fall you are also more apt to keep your jacket/coat on for the duration of the evening, rather than fling it to the side.  Sooo, pick carefully.

This particular open front jacket is too die for fabulous and would be my go-to item when pulling on simple denim and a tank OR over a spectacular floor sweeping dress or skirt (long and lean is in right now ladies).  Not only is this piece great for now, it’s timeless and ageless and the fit and shape will carry you from season to season and from year to year.  Are you vegan?  Well, I have special news for you as well… This perfectly posh piece is 100% faux so you have zero chance of offending anyone should you choose to purchase.  How much?  $128.00, my dearie – woo hoo!

Jacket number two shown right is one of my favorite finds!  Lace is one look that is super hot for fall and will be showing up everywhere from insets on denim to elegant gowns fit for a queen.  This particular jacket with it’s cropped fitted shape is incredibly versatile while remaining femme and current.  Certainly a white tank and jeans is a good pairing, while throwing it on with a high waist pencil skirt is posh.  You can also make this look UBER-prim and channel the 1950’s popular retro look by sticking it on with a full accordion pleated skirt and extra large belt… Finish it all with ladylike fishnets and a round-toed red pump.  The best news?  This doll is on sale right now for about $75.00.

You’ve heard it before, and now you will hear it again.  Trench coats are the one item that the majority of fashion buffs will agree is the must-have for every woman’s wardrobe.  I love the ruffly play on this classic look pictured left that keeps the tried and true more fun and whimsical.  Clearly this is a casual look best reserved for an impromtu lunch date with a friend, movie night, shopping excursion or even a casual Friday at work.  Which ever occassion you choose, this item will add a dose of spunk and will get you noticed.  Try one on yourself and if you like it you can walk away with a perfect fall classic for $98.00.


Ring my Bell

by Jane on August 16, 2010 · 0 comments

in Fashion Mojito

It was the “Statement Necklace”  that had fashion folks  everywhere abuzz the last couple of seasons, and while in your face massive multi-colored baubles swathed about the neck is still de rigour, the new “IT” accessory for those who love to kick it up a notch is the cocktail ring.

Yes, bigguns’ strapped to your forefinger are totally eyecatching and awesome, but the latest and greatest that has got style mavens everywhere flocking to retailers are the knuckle rings and the full finger ring.  While the look of these new accessories are hot to trot, I can’t help wondering if they are user friendly.  While I love to throw on trends for office and free time, I am thinking that fusing two or more fingers together may result in a bit of immobility.  AH, but who cares… Let’s suffer in the name of fashion, shall we?

Beginning with the classic over-sized cocktail ring it is most current to skip the ladylike bigger than big gems and instead bring out your inner death rocker by choosing morbidly cool pieces like happy-go-lucky skulls, slither-perfect serpents, or just anything with intentionally dark inspiration – think spikes, grommets, and studs.  Strap on one of these otherworldly numbers with an outfit that is a polar opposite – think a Peter Pan collared lace top worn with high-waist pencil capris, and delicate pink ballerina flats.  No one will be able to miss your skeleton ring when you do it like that.

The multi-band/connector ring is another hot number, but should be reserved for night time/non-writing/non-computer time.  These particular rings fit across several fingers at a time – typically 2-3 and provide limited mobility.  These knuckle crushers aren’t practical, but they sure do look cool and is an inexpensive way to add something uber-current to your repertoire.

Last but not least is the full finger/knuckle ring that is characterized by fitting over and covering the entire finger.  You can go pretty with these or a bit more skelatore.  Wear this baby on your index finger only.


Oversize It

by Jane on August 15, 2010 · 0 comments

in Fashion Mojito

Fashion obsessions happen almost daily for me – I become infatuated with certain accessories, a new silhouette, or even a different heel height.  So what is it today on this lovely Sunday afternoon that has me lost in a daydream?  It’s the oversized clutch.  The bigger  the better my friends – I am talking lots of width and height but not too much girth.  The goal is to have a nice square or rectangle shape that is as flat as a moderately stuffed envelope.  You’ll want to carry this perfect piece with you in the evening and tuck it nicely under your arm OR if standing  hold it on both hands in front of the body in the upper thigh lower abdomen area.

These oversized beauties are meant to be used as a chic night out carryall – think dinner with fri

gold clutch
ends, party at a friend’s house, movie night, club night etc… Do not take this monstrosity with you to a formal gala or black tie event.  The big size will take away from a gown and the trendi-ness of the item will ruin your look.

My personal favorite right now are several styles by Halston Heritage that don’t cost an arm and a leg, but aren’t dirt cheap either.  This sapphire one

pictured left is $295 while this lovely gold number (which is bigger in person  – TRUST ME) is $245.  Want one on the cheap?  Log onto and check out this fabulous cognac fringed/chain detailed convertible clutch (left) – You can remove the strap for your funky evening clutch and use it for daytime running around with the chain strap if you please.  How much?  $55.00 — ooh la la!

Pair your clutch with denim and a silk tank, a sheath/sexy dress, short romper, femme full skirt, or whatever you please.  Don’t cram too much into your new treasure though – you will risk it not fitting just right under arm and your bulky mistake will destruct your fashionable vision.


Fashion Friday

by Jane on August 13, 2010 · 2 comments

in Fashion Mojito

I am certain that all of you fastidiously programmed your DVRs today so to not miss the fabulous fall fashions featured on “That’s Life” by Robin Swoboda this morning… But, if you didn’t, you missed a smattering of sparkly gold pieces mixed with military, retro 1950’s sihlouettes, and fur (incidentally one of my favorites)…

Again, with the temps soaring this weekend, the mere thought of throwing on anything outside of a wet nap seems a bit discouraging, so let’s plan a fabulous look for your fun weekend ahead – of course that’s assuming you didn’t already style up your favorite romper.

Keeping cool is the name of the game.  Choose light natural fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen and forgo the synthetics which are major sweat inducers.

Friday – Heading out for a casual dinner and possibly a movie?  How about a cotton-knit dress with exaggerated shoulders done in blase black and graey… Finish with a comfy sleek black or silver flip flop sandal and some mod white hoops in your ears and some wide white bracelets to boot.

Saturday – Perhaps a trendy restaurant or party at a friend’s house is in the cards… Since you donned a micro-mini the night before switch it up for Saturday and throw on a pair of baggy/sexy black silk pants paired with a loose silk
tank.  Tuck the top in loosely and draw it all together with a skinny belt in the loops. Shoe?  Go sturdy and a bit punky with a black or metallic platform… Hair should match the thrown on appeal
of the whole look and should be either slightly tousled and down or in a careless chignon at the nape.  Drippy gold or silver earrings are a current approach to dressing up the lobes.



by Jane on August 11, 2010 · 1 comment

in Fashion Mojito

Don’t worry readers, I am not actually in freak-out mode, although I should be after watching the latest ‘sode of “The Rachel Zoe Project” last night on the Bravo network.  For those of you not in the “Zoe” loop – “Tay” is no longer with the company and now Brad the super-prep has taken the reins and of course “freaks out” every 5 seconds.  I watch mindless television shows to relax, but this one just gets me more on edge… I must admit though, that the biggest reason why I get all round up is because the fabulous accessorizing, mind-blowing dresses (I almost fainted when I saw the bronzey-gold drippy sequins-beaded Lanvin number), and beyond-glam furs gets my juices flowin and prompts me to head to my closet to pull pieces that I never thought to put together.  In short, watching Zoe has enabled me to triple my wardrobe options which for me is heavenly.  Now, if I could just get the VIP access to the Van Cleef gems….. 

So what can all of us AkronFashionistas learn, and how can we emulate Zoe’s zingy retrolicious-tinged-with-modern-day fabulousness style?  FIRST – drop all of the weight you possibly can.  The eminent goal is to appear as though the clothing you are wearing is literally dripping from a wire hanger.  Eek — sorry Rach, your skeleltal frame is ick-central and NOT enviable.  Seriously folks let’s not mimic everything this fashion-frenzied lassie is all about. 

In all seriousness, we can all learn the art of accessorizing, because as Rachel said last night (and I am paraphrasing) a dress isn’t a dress until it has it’s jewels.  Let’s take a simple black dress as a starting point (seen left).  Picture a sleeveless style, A-line or straight shape, that hits a bit above the knee.  Boring in it’s basic-ness, yes – however the opportunity to make this blank slate a major fashion moment is yours for the taking.

RETRO:  Since 1950’s, prim and proper is one of the “IT” looks for fall let’s start with that.  First cinch the waist of your frock with a medium width belt (black patent would be fab-oosh), then add some prim over-sized pearls at your neck, throw a boxy-cropped/3/4 sleeve jacket (this one’s from BCBG) over it all, pull on some black leather to the elbow gloves, hair in a French twist, and  punctuate with black high-heeled pumps – voila!  (NOTE: For the jacket shown, if

stud shoe
pairing with the black dress above, leave unbuttoned)

MOD:  Want to punk up your LBD?  Do it easily by exchanging the lady-like pate

nt belt with one a bit wider and studded with silver or gold.  Do like Zoe and don spike-y rock n’ roll inspired leather wrist bands adorned with studs.  Shoes need to be cutting edge too – platform styles featuring grommets or other hard-core metals will seal this style deal and switch you from a lady who lunches to a modern-day city chic chiquita.

Listen up readers!  If you are ready to fall out of your seat in anticipation of learning more about the beautiful autumnal trends that we will all be donning sooner rather than later, please tune into the Robin Swoboda show this Friday, August 13th at 10:00a EST.  Yours truly will be live on the air showing off the latest fall runway looks as well as the afforable counterparts that are wearable day-to-night.  Don’t miss it.

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Fashion, Fitness, Food

by Jane on August 10, 2010 · 2 comments

in Fashion Mojito

As far as I am concerned the three most entertaining things in the world are, Fashion, Fitness, and Food… Why you ask?  Well, it’s quite simple really, in order to look good in the fashionone must stay fit, and when one is looking doggone good they are heading out on the town to nosh on some fab-o food, (hopefully at a trendy little boite with of course temptingly delish culinary delicacies.)  I for one can’t imagine a better night out than throwing on a swishy little frock and heading to a great new restaurant.  Of course, in order to truly imbibe one must get a killer work-out in too and my mantra is the more I can get done in the least amount of time, the better.  So today, I will not only offer a killer outfit idea for this weekend, but also a wonderful spot to show it off in, and a muscle-building exercise to help you look extra glam.  P.S. If this is a feature that you would be interested in reading regularly let me know.

THE OUTFIT:  Let’s get you ready for the weekend early to ensure every accessory is in place… It’s going to be a hot

Romper $42.00


Bangles $17.00

one so it’s a great opportunity to continue wearing those fabulous summer items you still have hanging around.  Shorts are the “it” item of the season, and I am especially digging the romper styles that are a cool take on regular separates.  This navy number from is chic – have a fashion moment in this piece by pairing with an armful of gold bangles, huge gold hoop earrings, and gold platform sandals. 

Oversized Clutch

Finish the chic-ness with a reptilian oversized clutch – AH, to DIE for.

THE VENUE: OK, you are looking hot, now where to head?  Summer time is prime time to sit outside, and what betterenvironment than the lovely terrace at L’Albatros restaurant in Cleveland.  This fabulous French-y spot is the perfect locale for you to show off your super-star style and the ambiance is hard to beat.  Order a glorious flute of bubbly and the mussels and pomme frites – I guarantee they will not disappoint.  11401 Bellflower; Cleveland, OH 44106 – PHONE: 216.791.7880. 

Sorry folks outdoor seating is first come first serve so show early to get a great seat at the outdoor bar or at one of the squishy comfy overzised chairs.

Look! Even Grandma can do it!

THE MOVE: Gotta get those glutes and arms looking awesome for this tres chic ensemble. This best multi-tasker to guarantee a successful shape-up of both areas is the squat, fly combo.  Start with legs shoulder width apart feet facing forward.  Grab two five pound dumbbells and hold one in each hand with elbows at shoulder height and weights facing eachother.  As you squat down pull shoulder blades together ensuring elbows stay at shoulder height.  Finish the move by going back to starting position.  Complete 3 sets of 15-20 reps.  You’ll be burning!


This past weekend was a BIG deal for those in the 330… Cantonites and Akronites alike had several events goin’ on that brought in tons of folks from all over – While I didn’t make it to the Golf Tournament, it is my sincerest hope that all of you showed up looking chic.  While I am ashamed to have missed an exciting game of golf (boo hoo) I was blessed to have attended an event with more of a fashionable theme – The Canton Football Hall of Fame Fashion Show.  I must say that I was shocked to see the lovely streets of downtown Canton littered by a vast group of  fastidiously  floral clad ladies in Easter-like straw hats.  Others skipped the prim prints and elected to fly off the deep end in sequins, metallic,  and skin-tight whatever else paired with unattractive white square-heeled sandals atop flesh-toned hosiery (but of course).

But I digress, let’s discuss the fashion show itself, which featured looks by Dress Barn, Sears, JC Penney, Men’s Warehouse, Cache, The Winner, the furrier Lingenfelter, among a couple of other vendors.  Let me first send a BIG “BRAVO” to the committee of ladies who definitely put a lot of work into an event that was meant to entertain a crowd of over 3200 fashion mongers.  The music was was lively (with the exception of Michael Stanley’s ditty chronicling his itinerary the day before his death), the American Commodore Dancers were fantastic, and the sheer amount of clothing that was displayed on the runway was quite an endeavor.  The problem with the show is that several of the looks, made bad dress options look as though they are appropriate.  So, without pointing out specifics, the following are some general guidelines for looking chic as opposed to seedy.

leather gloves


1. Red satin-polyester to-the-elbow gloves are not attractive and never chic (however would be a great addition to a Halloween costume).  The only chic evening gloves are black or brown leather worn up or past the elbow OR, if you are a debutante, classic white over-the-elbow gloves are the epitomy of lady-like.

2.  Animal prints must be worn in moderation.  While I love me some leopard every now and again, a little bit goes a


Not Chic

 long way.  Make your animal awesome by wearing just a touch.  A pretty sheer leopard print blouse worn with black cigarette pants or a pencil skirt is divine, a second-skin black and white poly-satin tiger print sheath is a disaster.

3. Evening gowns should be elegant and not super sexy.  How tired is a painted on charmeuse nightgown like frock that shows every bump and dimple?  Ground sweeping chiffon in watercolor like hues draping over one shoulder is elegant and subtly sexy OR a gorgeous black tiered lace gown with cap sleeves or plunging v-neckline would be stunning.  Skip overly-pouffed fairy-

tiered lace

Elegant Sophisticate

princess styles too –  not sophisticated.

4. Chain link belts are dated and do not compliment round shapes when slung

Style: "CACHE WEB"

Please Don't

 around the hips.  Just don’t go there.



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